NMRPP Project Opportunity- New Technology Metal Deposition Repair for Navy Ship/Submarine Components

NCMS is seeking participants for a new forming NMRPP project, New Technology Metal Deposition Repair for Navy Ship/Submarine Components.

Current methods of Metal Deposition Repair (MDR) for worn and corroded components are primarily limited to electroplating/conventional welding processes, which have significant limitations for component repair.  New MDRs are needed for valve bodies, valve balls, pump housings, compressors, impellers, shaft components/seals, and many other general wear and sealing areas on ships and submarines.

A number of existing metal deposition capabilities are available which could be applied to Navy component repair, building on existing, proven capabilities.
This project anticipates development of a wider range of repair options for problematic applications.  Significant ROI potential is possible by salvaging components previously scrapped, increased repair longevity, increasing operational availabilities and reducing repair costs of current repair processes (a previous aluminum laser deposition resulted in a cost savings of $35K per torpedo/target shell).  The objectives of the NMRPP New Technology MDR project are:

  • perform component selection/ROI analysis
  • develop repair process applicable to selected components, including performing metallurgical analyses
  • obtain NAVSEA certification for up to three Fleet components.

Additionally, this project seeks to engage machinery OEMs, materials and software developers to achieve the necessary collaborations to develop the potential of these technologies for DoD and industrial applications.  This project currently seeks commercial and Department of Defense participants with an interest in electron beam deposition-welding, direct metal deposition, friction stir processing, metallurgical analysis, laser deposition, kinetic-spray, high velocity oxygenated fuel, and similar technologies related to component repair processes.  NCMS is a non-profit membership organization.  Project Participants must become NCMS members for those collaborative teams who are asked to submit a larger proposal.