NMRPP Project Opportunity- Environmentally Friendly Cutting Solutions (EFCS)

NCMS is seeking participants for a new forming NMRPP project, Environmentally Friendly Cutting Solutions.

The current method employed for large-scale cutting and ship disposal (Oxy-Fuel) creates large quantities of visible emissions, metal fumes and debris.  Federal and State Clean Air Acts prohibit visible emissions greater than 20% opacity.  Attempts to control emissions to comply with these requirements have results in increased project costs and longer schedule duration.  This project will:

  1. Develop and implement process improvements to control emissions associated with current cutting methods
  2. Investigate steel cutting technologies with productivity comparable to standard flame cutting while meeting environmental requirements
  3. Demonstrate effectiveness of these technologies on multiple cutting applications, where opacity levels, dry dock discharges and hazard waste reduction levels meet requirements of local, state and federal laws.

This project currently seeks commercial and Department of Defense participants with an interest in diamond rope cutting, plasma-arc welding, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, or other technology related to large equipment cut-up with minimized opacity generation.   NCMS is a non-profit membership organization.  Project Participants must become NCMS members for those collaborative teams who are asked to submit a larger proposal.