Project Announcement: Superior Energy Infrastructure Maintenance and Sustainment

The objective of this project is to develop superior energy infrastructure sustainment and maintenance practices in support of the Air Force (AF) mission.

As installation infrastructure continues to degrade, installations become more vulnerable to system failures and service disruptions. Furthermore, concurrent advances in technology make interdiction of the infrastructure more feasible by non-DoD actors. Additionally, advances in commercially available energy infrastructure technology are available to support mission readiness by enhancing performance and minimizing vulnerability.

The customer seeks to engage with Air Force Mission Owners to develop energy projects that support the mission by leveraging technology and sustainment and maintenance practices to maximize support to our Airmen by minimizing the vulnerabilities in the infrastructure supporting them. CTMA anticipates that this mission-oriented assessment will result in frameworks and solutions that can be scaled across the services as well as across the country’s utility regulatory authorities as they continue to develop models that incorporate enhanced services to their customers by leveraging technological advances in associated infrastructure and services.

Those interested in participating in this project should contact Marc Sharp,  by May 31, 2017. We encourage participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), including Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs).