Development of Operational Transition Procedures & Sustainment Analysis for Global Logistics Integration System (GLIS) Supply & Maintenance Functions – Phase IV

The Marine Corps (USMC) ERP logistics system (GCSS-MC), which is critical to the maintenance and sustainment of their assets worldwide, is being used as a testbed for this ERP improvement initiative. ERP systems are beneficial to not only the bottom line of manufacturers, distributers, and sustainers, but also to their customers who expect timely service. The GLIS project is currently in Phase III. GLIS Phase IV will continue to build on the substantial work accomplished in Phases I – III, but with a focus on unit deployment, as well as on the Logistics Systems Coordination Offices (LSCO) that have developed to better implement GCSS-MC and integrate it with other systems.

GLIS Phase IV will focus on full support of LSCO for the betterment of the ERP. This phase will demonstrate how more fluid data sharing and more focused data decisions can quickly be made allowing material, equipment, and personnel to be available when needed, especially for deployments both within the continental United States and overseas.

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