Project Announcement: Assessment and Concept Development of zeroGs and zeroG-Mag-Mount Systems for Hull Applications at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNSY)

At Naval Shipyards and commercial businesses much of the work is accomplished by “touch labor” artisans performing physically demanding and fatiguing operations: lifting, manipulating, and using heavy hand tools in awkward positions, with repetitive motions for lengthy durations. This physically demanding work, while essential, challenges the ability to meet current and future readiness and strategic objectives because the physically demanding work has seriously detrimental effects to employee health and performance and to sustain a strong industrial base.

Navsea 04 will procure one zeroG4 system from Equipois with supporting gimbals and zeroG-Mag-Mount components to support concept development and to conduct initial testing at PSNSY. If the zeroG4 with zeroG-Mag-Mount successfully complete baseline testing at PSNSY, it will be transferred to operations. PSNSY will quantify the performance improvement using this capability (e.g., time saved, multi-application functionality, safety improvements, mag-mounted applicability, etc.).

Today improving touch labor operations is critical to improving readiness and availabilities at the Naval Shipyards. In commercial sectors (e.g., public shipyards, foundries, construction, mining, aerospace, and defense, etc.) improving touch labor operations is also critical and strategic for securing a competitive advantage.

Those interested in participating in this initiative should contact Debbie Lilu by August 14th, 2017. We encourage participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), including Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs).