Immediate Request for White Paper Proposal for DPA Title III Funding

NCMS thanks everyone who submitted a proposal to our ongoing efforts with DOD Joint Acquisition Task Force for the COVID-19 DPA Title III funding.  Due to the critical nature of the request and the shortages of life-saving medical supplies, we know it was a quick turnaround time and appreciate the agility our members and partners showed in submitting so many quality proposals.

Please check our website regularly for new opportunities which will be posted at as they are released.





NCMS is assisting the DOD Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF) in a just-announced request for proposals in the on-going effort to address the COVID-19 crisis. NCMS is reaching out to you to see if your company is interested in responding to this request as part of the comprehensive package that NCMS will submit to the JATF.   The DOD is soliciting short (no longer than one page) proposals for evaluation and resourcing. Please review the attachments for details on the format for responding.

Due to the critical nature of the request, the deadlines set by DOD and the shortages of life-saving medical supplies, NCMS is asking that all proposals be submitted no later than Tuesday, April 7 by 4:00 pm EST  in order to put the most promising proposals forward to the Defense Industrial Board (DIB) for funding authority on Thursday 4/9.   REQUIRED: DPA Title III Funding Proposal and JATF PowerPoint Template.  

These attachments contain important information to understand about replying to this effort.  If you have any questions, please contact

This list below contains important information to understand about replying to this effort.

  1. The funding is to expand the capability and capacity of the supplier base for the FEMA supply needs – not for the acquisition of available supplies. Top three priorities are Ventilators, N-95 Masks, and Decontamination/Sterilization Capabilities.
  2. The delivery of capability and/or supply items must be within 6 months of award.
  3. The deliverables must significantly contribute to DOD’s/All of Government’s ability to obtain the FEMA listed supplies within the 6-month window.
  4. Priority will be given to proposals where the proposers are already manufacturing and delivering FDA approved supplies and need funding to expand capacity to deliver more.
  5. Additional priority given to proposals that can deliver first units in 6-8 weeks.
  6. Proposals need to include and follow the provided DPA Title III Proposal Template and JATF PowerPoint Template provided below.
  7. Approved initiatives need to be on contract 30 days after a decision is made to go forward.  DOD have teams of acquisition professionals and contracts officers ready to rapidly act.