Member Spotlight: DAES Group

DAES Group is a global equipment and solution source supporting aerospace OEMs, commercial airlines, military, and MROs since 1994. DAES drives value to our clients through consulting support, business operations management, technical assistance, quality control, training, facilities improvement, capital equipment, tools, component repair and after-sales services. When working with DOD partners, our focus is delivering maintenance technologies that contribute to improved and sustained mission capabilities of assets.

The DAES Group continuously identifies and develops technologies with our global partners to offer superior technical performance while producing measurable operational benefits including:

  • Industry 4.0 automation
  • Increased productivity
  • Consistent quality
  • Minimized downtime
  • High value for investment
  • Ecological and sustainable production
  • Lower operational costs

As a result, our customers have essential metrics such as operational improvements (reduced energy use, reduced chemical use, increased staff availability, decreased wastewater, rework reduction, and environmental protection) to show reduction in operational expenditures with improved quality and throughput.

Given the DOD’s focus on depot automation and corrosion control, the DAES Group has leveraged the surface engineering and treatment knowledge of its partners to provide targeted solutions. These include a fully automated preprogrammed fluorescence penetration inspection (FPI) system that employs artificial intelligence with human oversight, ensuring rapid, compliant, measurable processes and accurate crack detection. Concurrently, it offers decreased cycle times typically in excess of 30%.

Additionally, the DAES Group’s partner FinnSonic has developed the first dedicated Ultrasonic Bearing Cleaning Line designed to process oil lubricated bearings through a 5-stage fully automated washing, cleaning and drying process. This technology allows bearing components to be accurately inspected to engine OEM and/or DOD requirements. The Ultrasonic Bearing Cleaning system delivers greater than 24% yield improvements and capitalizes on the fact that up to 90% of the used bearings will be available for further service. This return to service (RTS) metric delivers on key DOD cost control and readiness objectives.

Another DAES Group partner, Galvatek, offers the “Factory of the Future” (FotF), which provides automated cleaning, anodizing, and plating lines with smart process controls that greatly reduce or eliminate human involvement and handling risk. The FotF is Industry 4.0-ready with full digital traceability, and in addition, offers significant reductions in labor costs (by greater than 50%), in energy costs (by up to 55%), in chemical utilization (by up to 30%), and in wastewater (by 50%)—all key elements in creating a sustainable and scalable DOD maintenance depot operation.

This FotF technology is presently assisting the DOD make significant improvements on throughput, rework reduction, and operating costs to maintenance depots while supporting over 15 unique weapon systems.

These examples represent only a partial list of DAES Group’s and our partners’ capabilities. To learn more, visit our website at; for more details about our partners, visit; or contact us directly at