New Technology Brief Program Launched

NCMS has launched a new periodic communication, called the NCMS Technology Briefs, which will highlight NCMS’s cultivation and growth of innovative technologies. Through our management of government and industry collaborations, we’ve gained insights into novel approaches and best practices that can assist all companies navigate the sometimes-complex journey towards advancement. Based on the results of NCMS technology projects, the briefs show the applicability and usefulness of proven technical advances—all in an effort to speed adoption and eliminate duplication of effort. NCMS is pleased to share these insights to support U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.

What follows is an excerpt from the first brief in this new series: “The 21st Century Solution to Optimizing Critical Resource Planning—Lessons Learned from the Mission Analysis Readiness Resource Synchronization (MARRS) System.”

Industry has long recognized that effective resource planning requires access to multiple streams of information. But for many years, that effort involved compiling and reviewing manual reports generated by separate offices with separately housed databases. Just imagine the potential benefits of a 21st century solution for such functions as personnel scheduling, logistics, inventory management, and event planning that could automate certain functions, integrate business processes, and improve analysis with a global dashboard that makes authoritative information accessible to all decision-makers.

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