New NCMS Member SurClean Sets Sights On Maintenance Innovation Challenge!

SurClean, Inc.’s laser coating removal and surface preparation systems caught the eye of the MIC judges. They now have an opportunity to present their innovative technology in front of an audience filled with DoDdecision-makers.

Their new mobile system premiered at the NCMS TechnologyShowcase at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and garnered lots of attention.

Unlike legacy chemical, abrasive, and water blasting methods, SurClean’s laser ablation systems are very precise, energy efficient, cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly.

 “At least 150 shipyard staff came by to watch our demonstrations and I heard ‘wow, that’s amazing!’ over and over again,” says Susan Sprentall, president & CEO, SurClean, Inc. when commenting on  a recent NCMS Technology Showcase.  “There are so many applications for this technology and it works on traditional surfaces as well as fiberglass and composite materials.”

Sprentall spent years researching the market and discovered that the DoD maintenance community wanted mobility, safety, good ergonomics, and consideration of their unique spatial needs.  SurClean is a woman-owned small business enterprise that focuses on the workhorse of the laser system, the beam delivery. They employ four different laser process heads with four patents issued and seven patents pending. By marrying their laser beam delivery systems with off-the-shelf laser sources, chillers, and exhaust/fume extraction, they address the customer’s specific application needs.

“It’s very rewarding to have been chosen as a MIC finalist,” says Sprentall. “It gives me the opportunity to present my technology to the right audience, tell the SurClean story about why laser ablation is needed now to improve throughput and get assets in place to assist the warfighter.  I am so pleased that I became an NCMS member. It gave me the opportunity to learn more about their CTMA Program, which opened the door to vital contacts within the Army and the Navy.”