New Member Spotlight: Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII)

HII is a global engineering and defense technologies provider with a 135-year history of trusted partnerships. A leader in mission-driven solutions, HII assists the Department of Defense (DOD) by developing, integrating, and managing the sensors, systems, and other assets necessary to support intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations. The ISR group handles exploitation and analysis for a variety of government agencies. Its range of solutions includes sensors and systems, platform integration, electromagnetic spectrum solutions, intelligence and analysis, unmanned surveillance, data fusion, embedded systems, and NAVAIR lifecycle support.

Working on behalf of service members around the globe, HII also develops live, virtual, constructive (LVC) solutions. The team integrates live training with distributed, virtual, and constructive simulations into an LVC single-network, enterprise training range environment. HII’s solutions—including game-based training, mixed reality, modeling and simulation, and integrated networks—help service members train to achieve full preparation and coordination.

In the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence (AI), HII focuses on advancing America’s national security systems. HII’s scientists infuse legacy platforms with AI, while also designing brand-new AI systems. The company’s AI solutions include machine learning, deep learning, next-generation autonomous systems, and human-AI teaming.

Along with advancing AI, cyber and electronic warfare is a vital twenty-first technological challenge. HII works within the US intelligence and cyber operations communities to defend American interests in cyberspace. The company’s deep expertise in network architecture, software and hardware development, cybersecurity, and the electromagnetic environment benefits federal agency partners. HII provides agile, scalable cybersecurity environments that meet real-world situations and increase cyber warrior response times.

While cybersecurity is one vital element of national security, the Department of Energy (DOE) also has a national security mission to protect the secure management and operation of its sites. HII’s nuclear and environmental services support the DOE by assisting with the safe cleanup of legacy waste across the country.

As shipbuilding experts, HII supplies expertise in fleet sustainment. For 40 years, the US Navy has entrusted HII to maintain and modernize the vast majority of its fleet—small watercraft, submarines, combatants, and aircraft carriers. HII’s systems and maintenance experts help the Navy maintain a high state of readiness and to deploy with the most advanced technologies and capabilities available.

Finally, HII creates advanced unmanned systems maritime solutions for defense, marine research, and commercial applications. Serving customers in more than 30 countries, HII contributes design, autonomy, manufacturing, testing, operations, and sustainment of unmanned systems, including unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and unmanned surface vessels (USVs).