NCMS Welcomes 6 New Members in Q4

In the last quarter of 2017, NCMS added six new members who bring a wide assortment of capabilities and expertise to our organization. The American Ceramic Society, Analatom, Delta, Elevate, and Minnesota Wire joined NCMS since October, deepening and strengthening its roster of partnerships and helping to bolster the largest cross-industry, collaborative research and development consortium in North America. We welcome our new members and look forward to collaborating with them on their exciting, innovative work!

American Ceramic Society

The American Ceramic Society (ACS), headquartered in Westerville, OH, is a professional society of over 11,000 engineers, researchers, and manufacturers hailing from not only the United States but over 70 countries. ACM has promoted the advancement and application of ceramics and similar materials since 1898, and, to that end, publishes three of the leading journals on ceramic and glass science, books, periodicals, and conference proceedings. The organization also organizes expositions, workshops, and other events and offers webinars, courses, and online technical resources.


Santa Clara, CA-based Analatom is an engineering company that works primarily in the aerospace, civil engineering, and petrochemical fields. It produces corrosion detection and monitoring technology for air and ground vehicles, heavy equipment, and energy and transportation infrastructure. Analatom specializes in wireless sensor platforms that employ microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to detect corrosion both physically and chemically; tested in pipelines and in military and commercial aircraft, its sensors are designed to support condition-based maintenance (CBM), structural health monitoring (SHM), and non-destructive evaluation (NDE) efforts.

Delta Air Lines

Delta, headquartered in Atlanta, is one of the world’s largest airlines, carrying over 180 million passengers per year. A co-founder of the SkyTeam alliance, Delta, its regional carriers (Delta Connection), and its international partners together make over 15,000 flights daily. The airline’s main operating unit owns and maintains a fleet of over 800 aircraft, manufactured primarily by Boeing and Airbus. Along with Delta Connection, it provides service to 306 locations in 52 countries and employs a workforce of 80,000 employees worldwide.

Elevate Systems

Elevate Systems, based in San Antonio, TX, is a product design and development firm with capabilities in mechanical engineering, finite element analysis, prototyping, and production. It also provides technical consulting services related to network management, cybersecurity, hardware and software procurement and setup.  Elevate works with commercial and federal clients, providing design and reverse/re-engineering services to the Department of Defense, including engineering support for the B-52 bomber and the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. It is an Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB).

Kinetic Research Corporation

Kinetic Research Corporation is an Ann Arbor, MI-based startup specializing in supersonic cold-spray metal coatings for additive manufacturing, with a focus on parts meant to serve a role comparable to that of metal castings. The company focuses on low-cost and high-volume production of components made from copper and aluminum, printed on demand from CAD files; there are plans to extend the use of the same processes to zinc, as well as exotic, higher-value metals such as tantalum, niobium, and zirconium.

Minnesota Wire

Based in St. Paul, MN, Minnesota Wire is a family-owned manufacturer of cable and wiring assemblies, including custom solutions. Armed with testing capabilities and a devoted R&D division, the company is capable of handling products from conceptualization to production. Minnesota Wire supplies solutions to a range of customers, including the medical technology, aerospace, defense, and commercial industries. The company has been responsible for work on cables and wiring for Air Force One’s intercom system, military vehicle communication systems, the Future Force Warrior vest system, and wiring in defibrillators, hearing aids, and other medical devices.