NCMS This Quarter: Focus on Composites and Advanced Materials

Next month, NCMS is launching the first of its theme quarters, dedicated to highlighting the work of NCMS and its partners on a specific technology or area of manufacturing. The theme for April-June 2018 is Composites and Advanced Materials, focusing on materials that combine multiple substances in layers or more complex configurations to create amalgamations with unique properties. Numerous NCMS projects involve the design, production, application, and maintenance of these materials, and the next three months will be an opportunity for us to share some of our work.

From April to June, look forward to monthly spotlights of our current projects. Composites and advanced materials play a major role in vehicle safety, improving health and safety, and designing high-performance devices and systems that are lighter, easier to maintain, and more durable in storage and in the field. Several NCMS partners are pushing the boundaries of these materials’ capabilities and increasing their impact on military sustainment and American manufacturing.

In May, we will spotlight CTMA Project Manager John Keippala, who manages many of NCMS’ composite-related projects.

Also, after this May’s CTMA/DLA Partners Meeting, look out for the online release of the 2018 CTMA Magazine, which will detail the work of NCMS members PPG and Thermal Wave Imaging on exciting new applications for advanced materials and large-scale inspection solutions for composite maintenance, respectively.

Lastly, NCMS will be hosting or attending several events: NCMS and members API and Universal Synaptics will be present at MRO Americas, in addition to hosting the Partners Meeting, the CTMA Technology Competition, and the NCMS Member Meeting. Additionally, for residents of the Mitten State, the Manufacturing Forum hosted by our partners, the Michigan Manufacturers Association, will take place this May in Novi—we hope to see you there!