NCMS Technology Showcase at Portsmouth is the Beginning of a Long-Term Relationship

Thirty-six companies and educational institutions attended the NCMS Technology Showcase at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Oct 24-26.  Attendees from all over the shipyard were impressed and inspired by the innovative technologies. Word spread quickly that this was an event not to be missed. The presented technologies included metrology, fluid analysis, wiring fault finding, surface preparation and many others which, when implemented, will save time, improve production, and reduce costs. As a result, the shipyard has committed to working through the CTMA Program to test and evaluate several of the technologies at the shop level.

All participating industries spoke to hundreds of interested parties and networked with high-level decision makers throughout the course of the event.

Randy Kirk, President, and CEO of Aspire Solutions, a document scanning and management solutions company, said, “The opportunity to work with leadership who have had a direct need for my specific technologies was a great advantage!  This enabled in-depth discussions focused on the shipyard’s unique requirements.”