NCMS sponsors DoD Workshop Tracks at RAPID + TCT

NCMS attended the 2017 RAPID + TCT event two weeks ago in Pittsburgh, PA. Over 5,000 attendees and 350 exhibitors networked and shared their technical knowledge and subject matter expertise. Mike McManus from AutoDesk kicked off the event; Phillipe Cochet-GE, Ric Fulop – Desktop Metal, and Terry Wohlers were keynotes; and Dr. Ramille Shah was a riveting keynote for the Medical Manufacturing Innovations Series. We attended in support of our AMMO and RARE teams, as well as our DoD, Army, Navy, Air Force and NASA partners. NCMS sponsored the DoD workshop tracks, where we had approximately 70 government and industry attendees discussing technical discoveries, opportunities, and challenges.

Click here to review the RAPID + TCT At-A-Glance, NASA, Air Force, Navy presentations. As other presentations become available, we’ll add to the collection.