NCMS’ RARE Parts Team Delivers!

A recent Rapid Access to Readiness-Essential (RARE) Parts Team collaboration resulted in a successful outcome for TRF Kings Bay. In early July, Craig Hoskins, Materials Engineer, Trident Refit Facility, Kings Bay contacted Connie Philips, NCMS Sr. Program Manager and lead of the RARE Parts Team.  Craig communicated their difficulty obtaining a nickel-aluminum bronze cast part for the Ohio Class submarine that is no longer available for purchase. With these part experiencing general corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and micro-cracking continued weld repairs became unfeasible.  TRF prepared to “hog” out the part using traditional machining from solid wrought material to meet their urgent need, a very costly and time consuming solution.  Craig turned again to the NCMS RARE Parts Team for a longer term solution knowing that this MIL-B-24480 alloy is difficult to successfully pour and weld repair.

NCMS immediately sent an email alert to all RARE team members along with pictures, drawing, and specification requirements provided by TRF. Within a brief two week period, Bryce Weber, Mechanical Engineer at NUWC Keyport (RARE team member) reported that the same cast parts had been produced from molds and cores printed using their ProMetal S15 sand printer for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard’s Los Angeles boats.  Two days later, Kyle Morris, P.E. Mechanical Engineer at NUWC Keyport, sent confirmation of part conformance to the Ohio Class drawing with a cost and 4 month delivery quote of ‘A’ certified finished castings to TRF Kings Bay.

NCMS, through the RARE Parts Team network, provided an additive manufacturing solution delivering parts at a projected lower cost in less time compared to traditional manufacturing methods.