Vehicle Health Management System (VHMS) – Phase IV

NCMS Project #: 142165

Problem: Large complex organizations responsible for life cycle management of complex systems face an obstacle in collecting, integrating, and displaying vehicle generated data, which limits their ability to implement predictive maintenance programs (PPMx).  Currently there are many disparate data sources for U.S. Army vehicle maintenance information technology.  These silos of data provide very little value on their own; however, when they are integrated together and presented in a simple, single user interface, powerful insights can be derived.

Benefit: This project will allow the U.S. Army to acquire and analyze vehicle PPMx data to improve its vehicle repair and maintenance methods.  The processes, tools, lessons learned, and best practices captured from this project can greatly benefit the general public and private industry in many different areas including commercial/fleet vehicle maintenance, rail, power, manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, etc.

Solution/Approach: The overall solution is to identify a process to analyze data that is off-loaded from platforms, define the model associated with vehicle analytical data, integrate the SE MSD for vehicle data off-loading, and define the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) associated with end-to-end PPMx data transfer from vehicles to the enterprise. During Phase IV, integration of required network security software as well as enhanced user functions into the SE MSDv4 is planned. Upon approval, these changes will be rolled out with a field software update. There will also be a focus on the collection and analysis of platform level data to include the significantly expanded data provided by on-board digital source collectors.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Improve decision-making 
  • Decrease maintenance and sustainment costs 
  • Enhance warfighter and mission readiness 
  • Mitigate security vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats 

DOD Participation:

  • Program Manager (PM) Abrams/Main Battle Tank Systems (MBTS) 
  • Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems (PEO GCS) 

Industry Participation:

  • Ricardo Defense, Inc.
  • NCMS

Benefit Area(s):

  • Maintenance avoidance and reliability
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Safety
  • Reliability improvement

Focus Area:

  • CBM+/Predictive maintenance

Final Reports