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NCMS has made available 5 project technical reports for purchase.

Heat Transfer Classification for Production Tooling and Composite Repairs
– This project is leading to a paradigm shift in the approach to the autoclave curing of composite parts. Improvements in computer power and sensors now enable higher quality composite manufacturing, and greatly reduced scrap as well. This project developed and tested tools to manage heat transfer for ovens and autoclaves used in the production and repair of composites.
*This report is available to NCMS members only, the public release date is January 2014.

Integration of Laser Coating Removal for Helicopter Blade Refurbishment – Phase II
– The primary objectives in Phase II were to overcome scale-up and technical integration issues and to deliver an operational ARBSS for test, evaluation, and eventual production. This report summarizes the work conducted under the Phase II effort summarizing the design requirements and overall system design, then provides details of the laser workhead, the integrated robotic system, and the user interface.
*This report is available to NCMS members only, the public release date is January 2014.

Thermal Processing of Aluminum Alloys
– The purpose of the project was to develop a software tool capable of predicting the distortion, residual stress state and microstructural phases for heat treated aluminum alloys. The feasibility of using a predictive software for 7075 aluminum part heat treatment design was successfully demonstrated.
*This report is open to the public.

Validation of Functional Trivalent Chrome Plating Process – Phase II & IIA
– Traditional chromium plating releases a mist of highly corrosive droplets that pose a risk to process operators. Hexavalent chromium has been implicated in long-term health effects, including cancer. In Phase II, an extensive series of tests was performed on samples produced using Faraday’s trivalent chrome process. The samples were able to successfully pass several key tests and performed comparably to hexavalent chrome. In Phase IIA encouraging results were achieved by modifying process plating parameters and select tank additives, a potential increase in platable current density range.

*This report is available to NCMS members only, the public release date is February 2014.

Ultra-Lightweight Sandwich Composite Constructions for Autobody Applications
– The purpose of the R&D effort was to develop strategies for sandwich composite construction technologies for significant weight reduction for automotive applications and to develop computationally efficient models to predict the behavior of sandwich composites using model-based brokerage portals. Identified glass fiber composite/balsa core sandwich composites and their processing methods for automotive applications in stiffness critical applications.
*This report is open to the public.

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