Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Six Sigma Quality – Phase I

NCMS Project #: 140365


  • Missed or misinterpreted engineering requirements are a leading cause of quality “escapes” (production planning errors caught in downstream operations).
  • Requirements tabulation is currently a manual process subject to human error.
  • Requirements not associated with processes that make and validate them.
  • Requirements not readily available to all production planning processes.
  • Costs OEMs tens of millions of dollars in corrective actions.


  • Cycle Time: Improves mfg process planning productivity and reduces component scrap and rework, reducing lead time for new acquisitions and ECPs by up to 5%
  • Reliability: Conversion of manual requirements management processes to automated ones reduces opportunity for human error and improves component quality and reliability
  • Availability: Increased maintenance component throughput results in shorter PDM cycle time and propulsion mission capability improvement
  • Cost: Process planning productivity improvement and virtual elimination of quality escapes results in $168M/yr cost avoidance – universal application could save $billions


  • Automated extraction, tabulation, and configuration management of requirements in the Teamcenter™ PLM system. Linked to ECSS to ensure technology transition.
  • Improve OEM management of requirements to Six Sigma level.
  • Collaborate with F101 engine ECSS PLM Pathfinder.
  • Prepare for ECSS deployment.

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Air Force (Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center)
  • U.S. Navy (Fleet Readiness Center East)

Industry Participation:

  • GE Aviation
  • UGS
  • BCT Technology
  • Cohesia
  • MRI
  • NCMS

Final Report