Modern Information Technology Portfolio Management Improvement Initiative – Phase III

NCMS Project #: 140901

Problem: Just as investors have portfolios of financial assets to address their investment objectives, the maintenance and sustainment industry require portfolios to manage their information technology (IT) investments to their IT objectives in such a way that is understandable to all parties involved. Over the course of Phases I and II, the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy (Management) (DUSN (M)) implemented a number of different IT portfolio management tools (PfM) and processes that drove greater overall efficiency in how the business portfolio is managed. Phase III will continue to move the Department of the Navy (DON) down the path towards efficient IT PFM in the business mission area.

Benefit: As more commercial and private industry want to generate business with the government, it’s critical for industry to share data across common platforms relative to government acquisition and sustainment. Because of this initiative, information will become better organized and visible to those who use it to for decision making processes at all levels. This will result in industry being better poised to propose and execute solutions for themselves while lowering cost of goods sold to the public.

Logistics and materiel readiness (L&MR) DBSs compose over 50% of the DON DBS portfolio and are critical to warfighter missions. This effort will result in an improved Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process that supports better portfolio management, which will enable informed investment decisions, reduce the number of DBSs, reduce spending, enhance reporting capabilities, and provide better guidance on target investment outcomes.

Solution/Approach: Building on the results from Phase I and II, one of the goals of Phase III will create commonalities of terminology between all the Services and industry in order to reduce mistranslations and improve timeliness and efficacies of deliverables. The objectives for Phase III of this project are to: 1) continue to mature and depict in a visually appealing manner, a streamlined defense business system (DBS) strategic roadmap that promotes consensus regarding DON business IT requirements and the technologies needed to satisfy those requirements; 2) improve the mechanism to help forecast business IT developments; 3) provide a framework to help plan and coordinate technology developments; and 4) successfully implement Business Capability Acquisition Cycle (BCAC) in the DON.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Reduced sustainment costs
  • More transparent future state plan for DON business IT systems
  • Improved systems readiness and reliability
  • A model standardized IT PfM process for industry to adopt

DOD Participation:

  • DUSN (M)
  • ASN (RD&A)
  • U.S. Navy, OPNAV (N41, N2/N6)
  • U.S. Marine Corps, HQMC (DC, I&L)

Industry Participation:

  • RGS Associates
  • NCMS

Benefit Area(s):

  • Cost savings
  • Maintenance management improvement
  • Improved readiness

Focus Area:

  • Business processes/partnerships

Final Report