Maintenance and Safety Improvement for T700 Engine Compressor Airfoils

NCMS Project #: 140904

Problem: The T700 is the most widely used commercial and military helicopter engine in the world. The T700-GE-401C compressor section currently operates with a corrosion-resistant-only protective coating. The current solution uses a sacrificial coating that erodes when exposed to abrasive media and loses its effectiveness in protecting against corrosion.

Benefit: A market-ready coating that could resist erosion and corrosion, applied widely across the entire commercial gas turbine engine industry from transportation to power generation, offers many benefits to the general public resulting from reduced engine maintenance, lower fuel costs, and greater time on-wing.

Solution/Approach: The overall objective of this initiative is to prove out the benefits of using the erosion/corrosion resistant BlackGold® coating on the T700 jet engine compressor airfoils. The proposed upgrade to the MDS Coating Technologies’ (MCT) BlackGold® coating provides both erosion and corrosion protection. The BlackGold® product is a thinner coating that can be supplied with a very low surface finish that it retains during operations, thus maintaining engine efficiency during prolonged operations.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Increased readiness
  • Increased engine compressor life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased safety

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Navy
  • NAVAIR, Propulsion & Power Division, AIR 4.4
  • U.S. Air Force observer
  • U.S. Army observer

Industry Participation:

  • MDS Coating Technologies
  • NCMS

Benefit Area(s):

  • Cost savings
  • Maintenance avoidance and reliability
  • Safety
  • Maintenance management improvement
  • Improved readiness

Focus Area:

  • Coatings/corrosion prevention