Joint Maintenance Enterprise Interoperability

NCMS Project #: 140474

Problem: Looming fiscal austerity requirements in the Department of Defense (DoD) demand that the U.S. seek to leverage all opportunities to “lean out” redundant efforts and inventory.  Currently, nearly all significant military operations are conducted jointly with multiple U.S. service components, as well as allied international coalition partners.  Developing key tools, technologies and processes that can leverage the benefits associated with sharing assets in Joint Coalition Operations will be vital to success in the challenging, fiscal environment on the horizon.


  • Pass an electronic record with an item during transfer for maintenance.
  • Improved communication of desired information across the Enterprise and in the International arenas.
  • Reduces cost and turnaround time.

Solution/Approach: The purpose of this project will be to implement a Maintenance and Repair Data Exchange (DEX) and demonstrate its use along with necessary translators, and asset management software, for receipt, capture, and process­ing of item-level and product-level data during a maintenance transaction – maintaining the life cycle traceability and serialized item history across the information systems in parallel to the physical transfer of the item.

This project will also integrate the DoD Wide Area Workflow functionality, and test interoperability of data between at least two (2) DoD Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Automated Information Systems (AIS) and AIS of an international partner.  This visibility and these transactions will show basic functionality of Coalition Logistics Interoperability; a key enabler of effective joint operations.  This effort will culminate in an evolution to showcase NATO interoperability which will serve as the source for a report on the feasibility, lessons learned, and opportunities for improvement in process and approach.  This will be demonstrated at the CWIX 2012.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Improves weapons system readiness and availability.
  • Improves global accountability and traceability.

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Marine Corps (Albany Maintenance Center)
  • NATO/NATO Partner Nations
  • Joint Staff Logistics Directorate

Industry Participation:

  • TopLine Technology Solutions, LLC
  • Black & Rossi, LLC
  • PORTAC Consulting
  • RW Appleton & Company
  • NCMS

Final Report