Integration of Repair Data – Phase II

NCMS Project #: 142202

Problem: Commercial maintenance organizations and the Department of Defense (DOD) are inundated by significant data integration challenges that encumber their ability to efficiently repair vehicle and aircraft fleets.  Many times, these challenges are the result of inadequate data integration, coupled with legacy toolsets and modeling methodologies that provide inaccurate forecasting leading to improper maintenance resource allocation to include both personnel and equipment.

Benefit: The innovative tools and subsequent data integration will demonstrate better support to the flight line, increased operational readiness, significant cost savings on maintenance and sustainment, and will generate lessons learned to assist other Services and the commercial airline industry on the improved process and technology.

Solution/Approach: This effort will utilize F-35 operational readiness issues as a surrogate to demonstrate better efficiencies that bring together integrated data across the logistics, engineering, and information technology communities of practice to enable more reliable, more predictable, and more accurate decision-making.  The project team will leverage technology and advanced processes developed on previous efforts to further enhance decision-making for leaders across F-35 Joint Strike Fighter community.  Phase II will leverage the lessons learned from Phase I to build out data integration infrastructures and toolsets.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Improve maintenance, sustainment, and repair forecasting  
  • Reduce maintenance downtime and costs 
  • Enhance data-driven decision making 
  • Increase mission and warfighter readiness 

DOD Participation:

  • United States Navy 
  • United States Marine Corps 
  • United States Air Force 
  • F-35 Joint Program Office, OGCs/Funding, Sustainment ACQ Strategy

Industry Participation:

  • Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI)
  • NCMS

Benefit Area(s):

  • Cost savings
  • Repair turn-around time
  • Safety
  • Maintenance management improvement
  • Improved readiness

Focus Area:

  • Business IT and analytics