Innovation of Information Technology (IT) Processes and Reporting Capabilities for Improved Maintenance and Sustainment Efficiency – Phase II

NCMS Project #: 142131

Problem: Commercial industry as well as the Army Material Command (AMC) need innovative, cost effective solutions to upgrade their antiquated systems, improve system reporting, cleanup unreliable system data, and create more efficient maintenance and business processes.

Benefit: Using the Army as a surrogate, this initiative is intended to demonstrate how the commercial market, working with AMC, can bring innovative solutions to enhance the enterprise by taking advantage of emerging technologies and becoming more agile, leading to improved efficiencies for maintaining and sustaining large and complex industrial bases. 

Solution/Approach: Phase II seeks to act as the logical continuation and expansion of the effort by focusing on engaging AMC end users who will be most affected by these changes and confirming the value-add and downstream effects realized after implementationPhase II will enable AMC to use the solutions identified in Phase I to reconfigure the systems, identify new reporting capabilities, cleanup legacy/obsolete data, design internal controls, and/or re-engineer existing business processes and validate the maintenance and sustainment value across the AMC enterprise.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Real-time, accurate, and compiled data in order to make instantaneous decisions  
  • Reduce the risk associated with sustainment and maintenance planning inaccuracies 
  • Increase efficiencies in processes and savings in time wasted 
  • Improve warfighter readiness and success 

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Army Materiel Command

Industry Participation:

  • Guidehouse LLP
  • Alta Via Consulting, LLC
  • NCMS

Benefit Area(s):

  • Cost savings
  • Repair turn-around time
  • Maintenance avoidance and reliability
  • Safety
  • Improved readiness
  • Survivability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability
  • Lightweighting

Focus Area:

  • Business IT and analytics