Implementation of Predictive Modeling in Support of USMC Systems Command-Product Group Nine (PG 09)

NCMS Project #: 140448

Problem: As platforms age, failures occur and must be handled by the maintenance processes. These events drive requirements for repair parts, placing demand on the supply system. For example, if a fleet has a surge in operations, the number of failures, maintenance events, and required repair parts likewise increase. If these requirements are not met, scheduled operations may not be met. For United States Marine Corps (USMC), repairs and replacements at the operational and intermediate levels for most components are handled internally by USMC personnel but encounter challenges particularly when in the field.

Benefit: Total Life Cycle Management Assessment Tool (TLCM-AT) will be used to run “what if” scenarios on maintenance, logistics, policies, removal of parts for repair, and spare consumption. Analyses help to ensure that the forecasted project returns an investment over time in terms of readiness and costs.

Solution/Approach: Comprehensive life cycle scenario analysis will help the Program Managers, Life Cycle Logisticians, and leaders at the Enterprise level more clearly articulate Table of Authorized Materiel Control Numbers’ (TAMCN’s) specific supportability requirements as they relate to system performance over time, to include: cost, operational availability, materiel availability and reliability.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Access to single source secure data
  • Improve logistics support
  • Ensure material availability/reliability
  • Reduce maintenance man-hours and costs
  • Increase efficiencies

DOD Participation:

  • S. Marine Corps – Quantico
  • S. Marine Corps – In-Service Operations Center

Industry Participation:

  • Clockwork Solutions, Inc. (CSI)
  • National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)

Final Report