Evaluating Software Solutions to Maximize Maintenance Operations – Phase III

NCMS Project #: 142185

Problem: Due to rapidly changing requirements and increasing public demand for higher quality products and services, companies are facing challenges with modernizing their infrastructure, tools, and processes.  Department of Defense (DOD) legacy information technology systems that are stand-alone and require maximum effort to enter and maintain data are prolific and the manual processes surrounding these legacy systems are labor-intensive.

Benefit: Completion of this project will demonstrate process improvement, efficiencies gained, innovation, enhanced collaboration, improved data analytics, and cost savings to maintenance organizations and activities in the United States (U.S.) Navy.  Lessons learned will be transferrable to industry for application to their maintenance, acquisition, and production support systems.

Solution/Approach: One method for understanding legacy maintenance systems and processes and their limitations is a cloud-based, Single Page Application (SPA) solution which provides multiple benefits including data collaboration between internal and external users, complex analytics, graphically rich modules, user-friendly interface, data integrity and accuracy, ease and speed of software capability releases, controlled access to view and modify data, and a cloud-based environment capable of being accessed from various media.  The demonstration of an SPA solution will directly address the maintenance process issues that exist in both commercial and governmental organizations.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Improve data integrity and reliability 
  • Reduce maintenance and sustainment costs 
  • Increase fleet operational availability 
  • Enhance warfighter safety 

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Navy, Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic 
  • U.S. Navy, Commander, Submarine Force Pacific 

Industry Participation:

  • ANSOL, Inc.
  • NCMS

Benefit Area(s):

  • Cost savings
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Safety
  • Maintenance management improvement
  • Improved readiness
  • Reliability improvement

Focus Area:

  • Business IT and analytics

Final Report