Enhanced Smart Displays to Improve System Interoperability and Reliability

NCMS Project #: 142175

Problem: The ubiquitous connectivity enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) means today’s vehicles are constantly communicating with external environments.  This has led to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers realizing that connected vehicles’ interiors have the potential to deliver an immersive digital experience.  While this presents considerable opportunity, there are several development challenges that must be considered to deliver an integrated smart display.  However, in the current state, upgrading and integrating these displays with other systems is difficult and costly due the different configurations, proprietary software, and sensitivity of sensors and electronics to harsh environments and weather conditions.  These displays are also more sensitive to shock, vibrations, and extreme operating and environment conditions, and must be updated or adapted to the prime or parent platform on-board computer operating system and processor.

Benefit: This initiative will prove the feasibility for new systems integration methods and tools that can be applied to other commercial and military smart displays and digital cockpits in a manner that maximizes full system security, interoperability, reliability, and safety.

Solution/Approach: The intent of this initiative is to advance the state of the art in systems integration and engineering tools coupled with the latest smart display technologies to develop new methods that enable interoperability of vehicle platform, software applications, and secure network communications systems.  Using the Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle as a surrogate, this initiative will design and develop a modern computing, high resolution smart display consisting of a cross domain solution using new approaches that will result in an interoperable system that is more secure, reliable, and last longer than current displays.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Improve system availability and lethality 
  • Enable real-time monitoring of system health 
  • Reduce maintenance and sustainment costs 
  • Enhance operational and warfighter readiness 

DOD Participation:

  • Project Manager, Mounted Armored Vehicles 
  • Product Manager, Bradley 

Industry Participation:

  • General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada
  • NCMS

Benefit Area(s):

  • Maintenance avoidance and reliability
  • Obsolescence management and continued maintenance capability
  • Maintenance management improvement
  • Improved readiness
  • Reliability improvement

Focus Area:

  • Reliability improvement (hardware)