Development of Operational Transition Procedures & Sustainment Analysis for Global Logistics Integration System (GLIS) Supply & Maintenance Functions – Phase III

NCMS Project #: 140864

Problem: Developing an enterprise-level, information-driven logistics program that provides the right logistics data at the right time, at the right place is an ongoing challenge for industry.  According to the Program Management Institute (PMI), nearly 70% of all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) deployment projects fail, are late or go over budget.  To address the challenge, a multi-phase CTMA project called GLIS, for short, was initiated.  The Marine Corps ERP logistics system, which is critical to the maintenance and sustainment of their assets worldwide, is being used as a testbed for this ERP improvement initiative. GLIS is currently in Phase II.

Benefit: With more fluid data sharing, decisions can quickly be made allowing material, equipment and personnel to be available when needed.  Improved implementation actions, processes and procedures will increase the accuracy, auditability, efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain and maintenance functions through knowledge management and general logistical and technical analysis, solution development, and implementation.

Solution/Approach: GLIS Phase III will continue to build on the substantial work accomplished in Phase I and II. Phase III is expected to achieve exponential levels of maturity as a result.  GLIS III will demonstrate that ERP functionality, tailored to unique organizational configuration, can enable the sharing of data and resources across the enterprise.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • Reduction in costs due to a more efficient maintenance pipeline
  • Increased asset readiness
  • Increased supply visibility of status and availability of resources
  • Improved maintenance tracking

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters, DC I&L (LPV, LPC)
  • U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Command
  • U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command

Industry Participation:

  • Anglicotech, LLC
  • NCMS

Benefit Area(s):

  • Cost savings
  • Obsolescence management and continued maintenance capability
  • Improved readiness

Focus Area:

  • Autonomic processes

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