Barstow Air Pollution Control System (APCS) Improvements – Phase I & II

NCMS Project #: 170605, 170609


  • Existing legacy air pollution control system on old paint line not functioning as intended.
  • Air pollution control system on newly constructed paint line uses incineration technology, with high operating costs due to fuel requirements.


  • Need for an alternative to incineration technologies will become critical as fuel costs increase.
  • Future restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions may require replacement of incineration systems, independent of cost.
  • Biological control technology is most cost-effective alternative.


  • Laboratory system demonstrates high destruction efficiency
  • Performance confirmed by pilot scale system

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Marine Corps (Barstow Maintenance Center)

Industry Participation:

  • NESA & Associates
  • Ford Motor Company
  • NCMS

Final Report

Final Report