NCMS Member Maglogix® Wins 2018 Maintenance Innovation Challenge People’s Choice Award

Congratulations to Jim Michael, president of Maglogix® LLC, who wowed the audience at the Maintenance Innovation Challenge, part of the DoD Maintenance Symposium that took place December  17-20 in Tampa, FL. His presentation, along with supporting testimonial from Susan Simms, NAVSEA Tactical Implementation Manager at the Puget Naval Shipyard, beat out the other 73 submissions and made a huge impact clearly demonstrating how the Maglogix® magnets can save time and effort, lower injury rates, and reduce the costs of leveling and welding metal parts.

In his presentation, Using Multi-Pole Magnetic (MP) Technology to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Safety, Michael outlined how Maglogix incorporates MP magnets into mounts, fixtures, and hand-lifters that help technicians manipulate heavy tools, equipment, and material, e.g., for mounting power drills and holding and fixturing metal undergoing welding in position. This newly patented technology allows for close in welding without ARC deflection and offers incredible performance on even very thin steel.  These magnets are extremely strong and resilient, with a performance-to-weight ratio of up to 400 pounds of hold force for every pound of magnet. Furthermore, they are switchable—MP magnets can be turned on and off without the need for a power source. By contrast, electromagnets require a constant flow of electricity to maintain a magnetic field and will drop objects in the event of a power loss.

Mounts and fixtures incorporating MP magnets are a useful alternative to human augmentation systems (e.g., powered exoskeletons) and mechanized assistance (e.g., overhead cranes and forklifts) for handling heavy loads. The former are expensive and heavy and can impede their users’ mobility. The latter create wait times and are difficult to deploy in tight spaces. As the workforce ages and inexperienced new technicians enter the maintenance field, Maglogix’s offerings provide valuable tools for reducing injury while ensuring precise, high-quality work.

“Using magnets to assist in projects is a new way of thinking about manufacturing; powerful magnets no longer need to be used on the end of a hook,” says Michael. “I couldn’t be more thrilled with winning the MIC People’s Choice Award. It brought the benefits of my magnets to the attention of the hundreds of DoD decision-makers in the audience.”

The other finalists were:

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SurClean, Inc. and U.S. Navy: Laser Ablation and Naval Maintenance Applications

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USAF: Robotic Automation for ESOH Risk Reduction, Throughput Increase, and Improved Quality