NCMS introduced innovative technologies at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

NCMS hosted another Technology Showcase at the U.S. Naval Shipyard at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, January 23-24, 2020. The event introduced new and innovative technologies, products, and processes that could assist the maintenance and sustainment communities with filling unmet needs.  

Through the Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities (CTMA) Program, NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy in collaborating with industry to demonstrate, evaluate, and validate maintenance and sustainment technologies that can facilitate improvements in efficiency, safety, and accuracy at best value 

The base attendees loved to try on our augmented reality goggles. There are so many different ship-focused ideas on how to use this application and a demonstrated need for this technology at Pearl Harbor, said Dr. Greg Harrison, Senior Staff Systems Engineer with Lockheed Martin.   

There were 28 companies from all over the U.S. that demonstrated their commercially available applications, equipment, and machinery that could enhance warfighter readiness.  

Company and Technology

3D Systems3D scanning software

American Ceramic TechnologyNon-hazardous radiation screening

Atlas Copco Tools & AssembliesCompressors, vacuum solutions

Bechtel NationalEngineering, construction, modularization, sustainability

BIONICLIFTExoskeleton to prevent workplace injuries

Cisco SystemsCybersecurity utilizing Software Defined Networking

DIT-MCO InternationalCable and harness testing

Eclypse InternationalCircuit analysis testing equipment

FARO Technologies3D measurement, imaging, and realization

GE ResearchAdditive manufacturing to electrochemical machining

GovSmart3D printer specialty materials for government

Hexagon Manufacturing IntelligenceCollection and analysis of measurement data

Impacto Protective ProductsANSI Certified Anti-Vibration gloves for maintenance

Lancs IndustriesRadiation shielding

Lockheed MartinAR/VR inspection enhancement

MaglogixCompact and powerful magnets

MarkforgedContinuous fiber and metal additive manufacturing

Microsoft CorporationDigital transformation solutions

New River KinematicsSpatialAnalyzer integrates data from multiple sources

PTCDigital Twin CAD, PLM, IoT, and AR capabilities

Rapid Scan 3D3D scanning and printing technology

SiemensSoftware technology and design AR/VR

SolavitekAdvanced Mobile Universal Electrical Tooling

SurClean, Inc.Laser coating removal and surface preparation

SwagelokOrbital Welding System

Universal SynapticsIntermittent Fault Detection System

Verisurf Software, Inc.CAD interface software and measurement

ZOLLER Inc.Tool life and offset data

The industry participants were well engaged and most of them knowledgeable of our challenges. They gave us different perspectives and ideas on how we can be more efficient and innovative in tackling processes and longstanding problems, Gregory Kaipo Crowell, Code 2300 (Nuclear Engineering and Planning at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. 

About Pearl Harbor 

Navy Yard Pearl Harbor was officially established on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu by the U.S. Navy on May 13, 1908, as a mid-Pacific coaling and repair station. Military facilities on the islands of Hawaii have proven to be vital for the defense of the U.S. and its interests as a vital waypoint and defensive outpost between the U.S. mainland and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.  

The Shipyard has continuously improved from its modest creation into a world-class Navy complex reflecting its importance and the global influence held of the region. The capabilities provided enable the Navy to secure sea lanes of communication and commerce, effectively projecting power across the expansive Pacific and Indian oceans. 

NCMS is pleased to be supporting the U.S. Navy’s efforts toward modernizing their shipyards. The CTMA program is the perfect vehicle for the government to demonstrate and evaluate technology prior to acquisition to ensure the benefits will be maximized, says Debbie Lilu, CTMA Program Director. Technology Showcases have become popular events where shipyard maintenance artisans, shop managers, and base leadership can get a hands-on look at state-of-the-art technologies.