NCMS highlights Six Critical Technologies at the DoD Maintenance Symposium

The DoD Maintenance Symposium is December 9-12 in Spokane, Washington. The only DoD-sanctioned event that focuses on maintenance and sustainment technologies and processes, is the perfect venue for NCMS to illustrate some critical projects currently underway through the CTMA Program. NCMS is pleased to be partnering with companies showcasing six technologies that will increase warfighter readiness. Please visit booth #517 to learn more about these exciting technologies.

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions – PlasmaBlast

The PlasmaBlast system removes coatings using no media, requires no containment and does not change the surface profile. The process is safer for the mechanic and the environment. The non-thermal plasma beam converts organic components of a coating into mainly carbon dioxide and water vapor. It is ideal for precision removal for NDI, weld prep and other MRO jobs.

Lockheed Martin – M2A1 Machine Gun #D Overlay

Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems is evaluating augmented reality (AR) maintenance and logistics applications for the. Marine Corps that include machine gun assembly and disassembly instructions with 3D overlays, shopping cart, and BOM capabilities and progress tracking, as well as LAV25 inspection capabilities on multiple-edge devices, that directly link to external databases to provide automatically-created work instructions and inspection status.

Michigan Research Institute and Oasis Engineering – Bradley Fighting Vehicle Task Trainers

Michigan Research Institute (MRI) and Oasis Advanced Engineering are collaborating on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle Task Trainers. Part Task Trainers (PTT) are training systems that provide training in critical field-level maintenance tasks required for a tactical vehicle. PTTs are physical mockups of the vehicle and vehicle subsystems. They simulate the operational and functional capabilities of the vehicle and vehicle subsystems to enable training on maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

Siemens – Digital Industries Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software is working together with the DoD to plan, execute, and realize their digital transformation. Our solutions enable a digital thread that connects engineering, manufacturing, and sustainment. Together we’re streamlining the acquisition and maintenance processes, improving readiness and supporting the warfighter.

The passing of suitable technical information to users requires extensive manual processing, numerous format translations, and physical movement of the data across multiple disparate networks. This less-than-ideal process introduced risk into the manufacturing value stream and was a major contributor to a degraded fleet readiness posture.

Tamr – Unification System

For military maintenance and readiness missions Tamr delivers decision-maker information that is up-to-date, accurate and unified across a myriad of sources for more granularity. Tamr connects and integrates data that is siloed across services and across their enterprises. This data unification platform surfaces more comprehensive insights faster. Tamr is used for automation of entity resolution, record deduplication and classification of lists of information into a desired enterprise-wide ontology.

Zoller – ZidCode

The ZOLLER »zidCode« is a device that makes fast, reliable, error-free transfer of tool life and tool offset data from the presetter to the machine controller not only possible but extremely simple. It ensures 100% correct tool offset and tool life information at the machine controller, improved productivity and reliability, all in a paperless process, plus flexible, low-cost integration to any machine tool controller, without the use of a network connection. All users will get the right information to the machine controller, every time, which guarantees accuracy and helps provide more efficient manufacturing.