NCMS Featured In Noise Reduction Report

NCMS’ Senior Vice President, Rebecca Taylor, is twice featured in Reducing Employee Noise Exposure in Manufacturing Best Practices, Innovative Techniques, and the
Workplace of the Future, a workshop based report hosted by The National Academy of Engineering in Washington, D.C.

The first report, 5.7 The FRITA14 Project: Reducing Noise and Improving Safety describes an innovative method for removing rivets from airplanes using an electro-discharge machining method. The project is called FRITA (Fastener Removal  Improvement Technology Adoption), and is said to result in a safer removal process with lower noise levels.

In a second report, 6.3 You Could Eat Off This Floor (But Why?): Tomorrow’s Industrial Spaces, Taylor discusses predictions about future advancements in factories.

Read the entire report here.