NCMS Calls for Presenters to Showcase Technologies at DoD Advanced Composite Maintainers Technical Interchange Meeting

NCMS is accepting submissions for speakers highlighting new technologies at the 2018 Department of Defense (DoD) Advanced Composite Maintainers Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM). Presenting at the TIM is an exceptional opportunity to tout your organization’s achievements, current projects, and specialized expertise to a broad cross-section of industry and the defense maintenance community.

Subject matter should be related to composite materials and maintenance. Submission is open to all interested individuals and organizations, be they governmental, commercial, academic, or nonprofit. Please keep submissions non-commercial in nature, focusing on technical information and not your organization’s services or products.

The DoD Advanced Composite Maintainers TIM is an annual event for government and military officials, industry leaders, manufacturers, engineers, and other technical experts focusing on the manufacturing, tooling, deployment, and repair of advanced composite materials in a defense setting. In addition to a tabletop reception, it will feature a full program of expert presentations, demonstrations of the Body of Knowledge database/website, and working group sessions. The 2018 TIM will be held in San Diego, at the Island Club at North Island Naval Air Station from June 12 to 14.