Meet Senior Project Manager Michael DeHeer

Mike DeHeer feels right at home in his new job as a Senior Project Manager at NCMS. Born in New Jersey, he and his family then moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and on to Roanoke, Virginia near the Blue Ridge Mountains. Staying in the Southeast, Mike attended Virginia Tech for his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering before he and his family moved to Germany with work and then back to North Carolina, this time in Charlotte 

Mike began his career with Continental Tires right out of college and has moved up the corporate ladder with Hankook, Mahle, and General Motors. He has worked in both aftermarket and original equipment design and manufacturing environments. At Mahle, Mike got his first taste of project management leading multiple large-scale projects with budgets over $100 million where he had a holistic viewpoint but was also able to drill down into issues when necessary. In January 2019, Mike joined the NCMS team and is focusing on some important tire projects as well as automotive, and robotics. While seemingly disparate, these topics are very much interrelated; no industry uses more robotics than automotive.  

“There’s an automotive language, which from 11 years of experience, I speak pretty fluently. I am comfortable troubleshooting, problem-solving, and listening to the needs of both my government and industry partners. I ask the right questions and can dig down into issues to mitigate risk and create the foundation for a successful project,” says Mike.  

When Mike isn’t working, he enjoys playing golf, reading to ensure that he keeps learning, and spending time with his wife and children.