Meet Kevin Nicolai

As the CTMA Program grows, NCMS has hired several new employees. This month let’s
meet Project Manager, Kevin Nicolai.

Kevin Nicolai is a lifelong Michigander. After high school he knew he wanted to do
something important with is life and see new places. He joined the Air Force and was
posted to Minot, North Dakota in missile security. After four years, he decided to try
something new, so he joined the Marine Corps. As a Motor Transport Maintenance
Technical Specialist, he also learned a lot about what it takes to keep a fleet of vehicles
operating and managing hundreds of young Marines efficiently.

Back in civilian life Kevin joined AM General as a maintenance engineer and also earned
cum laude in his bachelor’s degree in Technology Management. While at AM General
Kevin worked on projects with military equipment and eventually became manager of
technical publications. At his next company, Schuler Inc., Kevin dove headlong into
project management with several Fortune 500 companies, the perfect proving grounds
for his role as a CTMA Project Manager at NCMS, a new role he assumed last July.

“I know about working with the military and I have been a project manager,” says Kevin.
“I’ve honed my skills in communication and take pride in being that bridge between
industry and government. With each new CTMA project, I’m gaining momentum with a
northern trajectory. Will I ever learn everything about this job? I certainly hope not.
Without challenges I won’t keep growing. Challenges are a good thing. Regardless of
what comes my way, I can handle it.”