Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) Gets International Attention

JAIC is the DOD’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence providing a critical mass of expertise to help the DOD harness the game-changing power of AI. To help operationally prepare for AI, the JAIC integrates technology development, with the requisite policies, knowledge, processes, and relationships to ensure long-term success and scalability.

The mission of JAIC is to transform the DOD by accelerating the delivery and adoption of AI to achieve mission impact at scale. The goal is to use AI to solve large and complex problem sets that span multiple services; then, ensure the Services and Components have real-time access to ever-improving libraries of data sets and tools.

NCMS is proud to have been chosen to manage two ground-breaking JAIC projects through the CTMA Program. The work being demonstrated will have a long-term impact on readiness across the entire DOD enterprise. In the May 28, 2020 issue of The Economist, an article titled, “AI Maneuvers Business Lessons from the Pentagon” highlights one of the CTMA initiatives that involve the Black Hawk helicopter. Noting the innovative benefits of predictive analytics for maintenance, this article shines a light on the kinds of impacts the CTMA Program is having. The article highlights one of the JAIC – CTMA initiatives underway that uses predictive maintenance analytics to ensure more Black Hawk helicopters remain mission ready.

“The insights coming from JAIC through the CTMA initiatives will revolutionize the way predictive maintenance is done,” says Phil Callihan, NCMS Project Manager.