Join Composite Repair Webinar Hosted by New NCMS Member AGFM and NIAR

NCMS is proud to welcome our newest member, AGFM Corp, Chesapeake, VA to our network. AGFM develops highly precise special machines for industrial applications in the area of metal and composite processing. Their innovative product offerings include composite-related machine tools/automated systems for the manufacture of advanced composites aerospace components, plus CNC crankshaft milling machines, and rotary forging machines for forging gun barrels, and other rotary forging applications.

AGFM is the largest manufacture of CNC ultrasonic cutting machines which are used by the aerospace industry and other composites-related markets. This includes four-axis plycutters, and six-axis cutters for honeycomb cutting/sculpting, and compound angle cutting of thick composite prepreg layups. GFM also manufactures three-axis and five-axis routers for cutting many different materials, both cured composites and metal cutting.

AGFM led the early development of Inspection and Repair Preparation Cell (IRPC) CTMA project in partnership with the DOD, which targeted the repair of high quantities of similar composite components that were removed from aircraft and loaded into the IRPC System. This successful IRPC project was chosen as one of the six “Great Ideas” for presentation at two DOD Maintenance Symposiums. AGFM has gone on to develop a portable version, which could be used for both “on aircraft” or “off aircraft” applications. For example, it can be used on an aircraft on the ground situation in remote locations, or in other locations where it is difficult to transport the damaged component to a repair depot.

AGFM has recently partnered with the Wichita State University National Institute of Aviation Research (NIAR), to take up the challenge to develop a Portable Scarfing/Composite Repair System. This new system would replace the current time-consuming manual process to advance repairs beyond current capabilities.

Registration is open for an 11 am ET, January 27, 2021 webinar which will feature the AGFM/NIAR Disruptive Technology System. During this session, existing and planned project developments relating to composite repairs will be highlighted as well as the capabilities and backgrounds of AGFM and NIAR. Follow up one-on-one sessions will be available to any organizations that have an interest to explore their own applications and use of this equipment and process.

Planning is underway for a second webinar in February (date/time are yet TBD) that will focus more specifically on a composites repair system for the transportation market, which is increasingly utilizing carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials.

To learn more about the January 27 webinar please contact Frank Elliott at or call 817-909-2444. Visit to register for the webinar.