Industry Perspective

On the behalf of NCMS and the DoD Maintenance Policy and Programs,  I thank you for your interest and participation in the premiere DoD maintenance technology transition program, CTMA. Current innovation 1in the defense sector is nothing short of revolutionary, and thanks to our partners in the DoD and in industry, we are working together to elevate and accelerate that innovation.

The CTMA Program, created in 1998, is now in its third collaborative agreement and it could not be healthier. CTMA is the only major program of its kind with a relentless focus on defense sustainment. With a total funding profile of nearly $190 million, this program is the gold standard of collaboration between industry and the DoD maintenance organizations. Countless times, we have watched the transition of new technologies be adapted, adopted, and accepted into the maintenance, sustainment, and logistics theater. Combining North American manufacturing ingenuity with defense needs, CTMA projects get critical tools and solutions into the hands of the American Warfighter without added cost or risk.

CTMA continues to bring new and innovative technology into the DoD, none of which would be possible without the skills and knowledge of our industry partners. We fill technology gaps, maximize return on DoD investment, and seize opportunities, all at an unprecedented pace.

The NCMS collaborative model has proven its worth in this environment by sharing risk, reducing transition time, building stronger linkage between user
requirements and technology capabilities, and demonstrating proven solutions.

The NCMS culture of innovation through cross-industry collaboration is the backbone of the CTMA Program. We stand ready to offer accelerated processes
for managing technology insertion initiatives.

I thank you for participating and sincerely hope you take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that the CTMA Program offers, now and into the future.