Industry Perspective

Defense readiness has never been more important to our country as we chart a course in an uncertain world. For more than 20 years, NCMS and OSD have collaborated to make the CTMA Program into one of the largest and most effective cross-industry collaborative manufacturing research programs in the country to meet this challenge. This incredible growth and success can be traced to our growing network of innovative industry partners and the deeper understanding and realization of the DoD’s readiness needs. These actions have all been continuously facilitated by NCMS’ staff of program and project managers and contracts professionals.

Today, in addition to the CTMA Program’s growth, we have also succeeded in diversifying our projects across the Services. In recent years, a significant part of our activity has been U.S. Marine Corps projects. With a broader focus, we now have a balanced funding portfolio across all five Services and the OSD, Joint Chiefs of Staff –J4, and the Defense Logistics Agency. In 2018, we are undertaking initiatives to further grow our involvement with the Air Force and NAVSEA, two Services that show a great deal of potential for CTMA.

At various CTMA and DoD events throughout the year, we are given the opportunity to gather as a community to discuss the challenges facing our warfighters and how we can address them together. Let’s capitalize on these events to discuss how you can grow your involvement in the CTMA Program and help ensure readiness for our warfighters for years to come.