Experts Discuss Critical Issues

The 2019 CTMA Partners Meeting was chocked full of information, much of it coming from five different panel discussions. These panels were comprised of experts in the field who have a deep understanding cross-section of knowledge pertaining to that subject.

The panel topics and Subject Matter Experts were:

  1. Successful Sustainment Technology Lifecycle: Challenges to the Sustainment Enterprise
    1. Steve Morani, Air Force Sustainment Center, Moderator
    2. Bill Kobren, DAU
    3. Joe Sparks, COMFRC
    4. Chris Blackwell, Lt. Col, USAF
    5. Ken Anderson, Universal Synaptics
  2. F-18 Readiness Journey: Relying on an Old But Trusted Weapons System
    1. Chris Root, FRCSW, Moderator
    2. Thomas Jarvis, FRCSW
    3. David Heinauer, FRCSW
    4. Rick Taylor, CAPT. Retired
    5. CDR Chris Roesner, FRCSW
    6. Grant “Flash” Gorton, OPNAV
  3. Commercial Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul: It’s Time to Think Outside the Box
    1. Chris Saldana, Georgia Tech, Moderator
    2. John Semmens, Lockheed Martin
    3. Daniel Braley, Boeing Global Services
    4. Frank Zahiri, AFMC
  4. Advancing the Industrial Base: Delivering the Navy the Nation Needs
    1. Gabe Draguicevich, FRCSW, Moderator
    2. Janice Bryant, NAVSEA
    3. Amy S. Cannello, COMFRC
    4. Steve Dale, Letterkenny Army Depot
    5. Frank Zahiri, AFMC
  5. Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+): Accelerating Implementation Across the DoD
    1. Greg Kilchenstein, ODASD MR, Moderator
    2. Jeremy Estes, Air Force Lifecycle Management Center
    3. Jason Duncan, Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command
    4. Nick Smith, NAVAIR
    5. LTC Faith Chamberlain, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center
    6. Samir Mehta, GE Aviation Digital

The mission of the CTMA Program is to ensure a consistent pipeline of innovative technologies to assist with warfighter readiness. Updates from these panels are a crucial aspect of continuing to facilitate that goal.