WISER Systems

WISER pioneers an advanced Ultra-Wideband Real-Time Location System (UWB RTLS), harnessing the power of our proprietary Redundant Radio Location & Tracking (RRLT) technology. This innovative system offers scalable real-time location capabilities in virtually any indoor or outdoor setting, providing precise coordinates at sub-meter or inches-level accuracy accessible through computers or mobile devices. 

The WISER system provides instantaneous, live visibility and tracking of assets in real-world scenarios, making it an optimal solution for diverse applications such as monitoring manufacturing work in progress, automating inventory processes, preventing loss, and optimizing overall operations. 
Distinguishing itself, WISER’s RRLT location solutions exhibit exceptional accuracy even in challenging environments characterized by clutter, metal structures, or complexity, where conventional tracking technologies falter. The system’s lightweight, portable nature coupled with WISER’s auto-calibration tool ensures seamless deployment, enhancing user convenience. 

WISER takes pride in offering a low-power, encrypted system that prioritizes security. Deployment occurs within customer firewalls, ensuring data ownership and control remain in the hands of our customers.  

Our customers include numerous Fortune 100 companies, major aerospace and defense contractors, and various U.S. Government agencies, attesting to the reliability and effectiveness of WISER’s solutions. Notably, our RRLT critical components are manufactured domestically in the USA, underlining our commitment to quality and local production.


Cris Masselle 

Real Time Location & Tracking System (RTLS)

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