ToughGuard High Performance Coatings, LLC

ToughGuard High Performance Coatings manufactures specialty exterior paint protective coatings engineered and designed to extend the service life of current paint coating systems being used on high value assets which are exposed to harsh environmental elements (both natural and human) such as; corrosion, chemicals, abrasion and UV ray degradation. Our unique products outperform all current paint coating systems and reduce costs associated with repair and rebuild cycles. The use of our products not only significantly reduce repair costs, but also help keep assets deployed and working.


Featured Technology

ToughGuard NHP (Nano Hybrid Polyurethane) Clear Coat


The annual cost of corrosion to our US Military runs around $22-$25 billion. Abrasion of paint on helicopter blades reduces some armed forces active assets by as much as 50%. The combination of chemicals, corrosion, abrasion and UV degradation has a dramatic affect on military preparedness. The use of our ToughGuard NHP polyurethane will significantly reduce the number of high valued (and limited) military assets across all branches of the US military and friendly military assets as well. With limited budgets it is imperative to maintain our assets for use when called upon.


The challenge we face is that of being a small company with an innovative product and getting it presented and accepted by parties who have a real interest in addressing the need for such a product as ours that will solve major, ongoing issues that current large corporations are not addressing with any real solutions except to continue to sell and promote the same failed technologies of yesteryear. They want the annual re-paint business to continue. ToughGuard proposes a disruptive technology to change the paradigm of the coatings industry.


ToughGuard NHP will outperform any and all paint coating systems in the areas of paint degradation caused by Corrosion, Abrasion, Chemicals and UV Rays


Improve performance of current paint coating systems.
Reduce the cost of corrosion (re-paint and repair costs)
Keep high valuable assets deployed rather than being in dry docks.
Extend the service life of assets by significantly reducing corrosion

Dan Reid