Titomic USA

Titomic is the global leader for cold spray services and an OEM of cold spray machines. We specialize in using cold spray for high-volume and high-stress component requirements. Our cold spray machines range from portable handheld systems to 9m^3 fully automated gantry systems. Our machines deliver maintenance and sustainment services to the defense, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, mining, and rail sectors using both additive manufacturing and coating and repair capabilities.


Portable Hand-Held Cold Spray Metal Repair System

Cold spray mechanically fuses metal particles to a desired substrate without ever melting the powder. We can create a metallurgical but not chemical bond. This advantage allows us to build metal surfaces with no heat affected zone, no change in crystal structure, no distortion, and can be operated as a handheld unit for most projects. Our portable systems can be transported with a single individual and used effectively with minimal training. Cold spray can be used as a replacement for most thermal sprays for resurfacing, repairing, or refurbishing components. Our machines are primarily used for maintenance, tool repair, and for coatings and corrosion prevention. It is an excellent equipment choice when modernizing and optimizing operations.

Problem Statement:

  • Metal component repair, refurbishment, or resurfacing is completed with toxic and expensive substances often used with thermal sprays
  • Refurbishment, maintenance, and repairs are tough if not impossible to do in-field due to the bulkiness and requirements of specialty equipment
  • Traditional thermal sprays are not portable, usable onsite, and require significant preparation
  • Traditional thermal sprays create heat affected zones, high tensile residual stresses, change crystalline structure, and are often porous leading to defects and cracking

Technology Solution Statement:

Our portable cold spray repair unit can be used onsite, in-field, and in a handheld fashion to repair, resurface, and refurbish components. Our system only requires a single user to transport and requires minimal training (hours not days). Our portable cold spray repair systems are non-toxic and can be used in virtually any environment. While able to be operated by a single user, our machines can also be easily connected to and controlled by a robotic arm for repetitive and precision bound tasks. Our machines have aerospace, defense, automotive, and mining heritage.

Benefits Statement:

  • Lightweight—only requires 1 user to transport
  • User friendly (minimal training time necessary)
  • No heat affected zone, low porosity, and no distortion
  • Compressive residual stresses instead of tensile stresses for most melting based processes
  • High material versatility and bi-material capability
  • Ability to create custom radiation shielding and containment onsite
  • Safe to use virtually anywhere, minimal PPE required


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