Siemens Industry Software is a global leader in digital transformation to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

Digital Ecosystem for advanced Manufacturing and Modernization

Siemens Xcelerator technology enables digital transformation by building comprehensive digital twins of products, facilities and operations and connecting them to the physical industrial and operations live data. This technology comprises an integrated portfolio of software, services, and an application development platform that unlocks a powerful industrial network effect. Siemens software includes comprehensive modeling across the boundaries between traditional standalone engineering domains such as electrical, mechanical and software in order to create accurate and comprehensive digital twin models. Siemens IoT-enabled hardware is connectable out of the box, remote-update capable, and futureproof by design.

Problem Statement:

Legacy factories and operations are no longer efficient enough to meet the demands for complex equipment readiness.

Technology Solution Statement:

Siemens offers a suite of analytical and simulation software capabilities for planning, design, and optimization of depots and processes. Digital twin models that are used for design will also connect to live infrastructure systems for real-time analyses.

Benefits Statement:

Siemens enables simulation, planning, optimization and virtual commissioning for modernization of legacy operations. Analytics support decision-making for best cost, schedule and quality to ensure success and optimum performance. Digital twin models continue to support live, real-time operations for continuous improvements.


Matt Brennan