Shipcom Federal Solutions

Shipcom has a proven history of working with federal organizations and providing the necessary technology and applications to improve asset visibility and save taxpayer money. With more than 15 years of industry experience and development of a robust product lineup, Shipcom can help government agencies improve their processes, meet compliance, and audit requirements.

Our capabilities stem from our knowledge of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies like barcode, radio frequency identification (RFID), real-time location systems (RTLS), and GPS, as well as our industry leading middleware CATAMARAN®, which has enabled us to successfully deliver complex federal solutions.

CATAMARAN®, a secure application that drives cost saving and process improvement, is the heart of a Shipcom solution. CATAMARAN® complies with federal data security and encryption standards, safeguarding the transfer of secure data across organizations and building an information audit trail. It can handle secure transactions of high- value data, financial information, and business information spanning multiple government databases, as well as geographical and organizational boundaries. All transactional data gathered can be stored on the federal cloud, locally, or on site in compliance with federal requirement.

Featured Technology

Catamaran NextGen for Shipbuilding – ERP, Supply Chain Management, and loT Asset Management

Catamaran NextGen for Shipbuilding covers core activities such as supply chain management, quality inspection, preventative maintenance, production control, manufacturing execution, and material tracking (including Unique Identification – UID – compliant with MIL-STD-130). This is accomplished utilizing native connectors and drag and drop interfaces to enable agile integration with existing systems. Users are empowered to configure the solution to meet the needs and requirements of the specific shipyard environment. The Catamaran NextGen workflow engine also reduces configuration cycle time from months to days and speeds implementation of the solution to the production environment within months.

With Catamaran, our Navy and shipbuilding customers more tightly control their Work in Process (WIP) – preventing errors and saving on the hidden expenses involved in material flow. Lost materials, delayed product movements, and incorrect pulled materials making their way into manufactured units – have all been reduced.

By introducing smarter data capture devices into operations, our system captures new data to proactively analyze. Catamaran also provides a reporting framework where users can filter, organize, and display the data in purposeful dashboards and reports.

Our accomplishments include: providing assurance of visibility, traceability and accountability for material from receipt through delivery for approximately $4B worth of net inventory; providing license plate and scanning capabilities for tracking and identifying material on-site at various locations throughout the shipyard; and a flexible platform that can be scalable and expandable to add other components or modules to the system.

Tony Lisuzzo