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For over 30 years, PTC has been enabling its A&D customers to stay ahead of the competition. As a digital transformation technology leader, PTC’s vision, logo, and portfolio of technologies are all aligned on the same concept: opportunities for industrial innovation live at the convergence of the physical and digital. This convergence impacts the products, processes, and people across A&D organizations.

Today’s aerospace and defense leaders must work smarter and faster than ever to meet the increasing demands of their missions, constituents, and markets.

As the leader in preparing aerospace and defense organizations for the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, PTC enables actionable intelligence to optimally design, manufacture, and sustain warfighter and industrial systems. We’re here to help drive digital transformation—and tomorrow’s product innovations – today.

Featured Technology


PTC’s Industry leading Augmented Reality (AR) software platform, Vuforia, uses advanced computer vision technology to enable digital content to be placed in real-world environments. With support for handheld and head worn devices, Vuforia includes easy-to-use workflows, SDKs, and cloud services for Unity and other leading development tools. With over 55,000 AR apps created across thousands of customers, PTC holds over 65% of the AR market share. PTC has assembled several Vuforia packages to create the perfect solution for any problem that maintainers may face.

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In the core of the PTC CBM+ solution is ThingWorx IIOT Platform, which enables seamless connectivity between the systems, above, with the PTC mission-critical solution of Service Parts Management (SPM) for Spare Parts Supply-chain planning, Inventory Optimization and Demand Forecasting. Additionally, Connected Service Parts Management (C-SPM) capabilities enable proactive assets and parts utilization planning and failure prediction. Analytics and Machine Learning capabilities enable to predict when maintenance should be performed and create time-based preventive maintenance orders.

PTC Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities, connected into the CBM+ architecture will boost maintenance procedures and training with interactive AR-based work instructions.

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