MK Metalfree Corp.

MK Metalfree Corp. designs and produces measuring and testing devices that are used in working areas with filling systems and isolators, for example in the pharmaceutical industry. For all its products, MK Metalfree Corp. develops customised software systems or individual software components as part of Industrial Automation 4.0. Based on many years of product leadership, the customer base of MK Metalfree Corp. includes leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
In addition, the company designs and manufactures individual laboratory systems and laboratory equipment made of modern plastics and other materials. The main customers in this segment are internationally leading companies in the live science and pharmaceutical industries as well as various departments of technical colleges, technical colleges and universities.

MK Glove Integrity Testing Systems (GITS TM)

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Steve Chunglo

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2023 NCMS Technology Showcase: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

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