Impacto Protective Products Inc.

As a leader in the personal protective product industry, Impacto Protective Products provides customers with innovative products that enhance safety and productivity in the workplace. Our network of sales staff works closely with customers across a wide range of industries to produce measurable results. We have long been recognized for products that protect against workplace injuries by assuring exceptional levels of protection. We specialize in design, manufacturing, and distribution of custom ergonomic products to help prevent a wide range of cumulative trauma and repetitive strain injuries.

Personal Protective Products

Impacto’s line of industrial personal protective products include the Anti-Vibration gloves, anti-impact gloves, wrist supports for prevention of repetitive strain injuries RSI, a wide range of knee pads, body pads and cushions, lumbar supports, anti-fatigue and puncture resistant insoles, steel toe cap overshoes and ice traction overshoes. The TURBOTOE toe cap overshoes help prevent accidental impact and crushing injuries to the toe area. The TURBOTOE fit tightly over existing footwear and help prevent impact and crushing injuries to the toe area. Transferable PPE can be used by different people when there is a steel toe cap requirement or protection is needed in the yard or plant.

Problem Statement:

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and repetitive trauma associated with excessive vibration is a significant health problem in industries affecting millions of workers. IMPACTO offers the most styles of American National Standard Institute (ANSI) certified gloves on the market.

Technology Solution Statement:

The patented IMPACTO AIR GLOVE® reduces vibration energy transmission to help prevent job specific trauma while still allowing full range of motion and manual dexterity. Multiple, individual air chambers are less susceptible to failure and ensure optimal glove functionality. Lightweight, soft, and adaptable, the air bladder technology conforms to the ex-lines of the hand, minimizing grip stress and providing greater tool control. A urethane construction provides consistent protection that is durable, yet thin and pliable to remain flexible around tool handles.

Benefits Statement:

The IMPACTO Air Glove reduces vibration energy transmission to the palm and fingers. Non-permeable polymer bladder with multiple individual air chambers provides effectiveness that won’t degenerate. Soft, flexible bladder is designed to conform to the flex-lines of the palm and fingers helping to maintain tool control. The multiple air chambers construction of the Air Bladder ensures long lasting wear that won’t bottom out. The Air Bladder helps prevent job specific impact and vibration hazards in the workplace. Full finger gloves are in conformance with International Anti-Vibration Glove Standard EN 10819:1996, Mechanical Vibration and Shock-Hand-Arm Vibration and North American Standard ANSI S2.73-2002 (R 2007) / ISO 10819:1996.


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