Global Strategic Solutions LLC

Global Strategic Solutions LLC (GSS) is a small business founded in 2005 and headquartered in McLean, Virginia. GSS’ mission is to develop and commercialize innovative software technology products and services in the areas of predictive analytics, health management, cognitive computing, and automation systems. Collaborating with federal research centers and academia, our company’s objective is to seek commercialization and transition of the technology developed through its internal and federally sponsored research and development (R&D) programs to the government and private sectors. GSS is currently engaged in pioneering software technologies and developing advanced analytical health management solutions for use in defense aviation, commercial aviation, energy, and ground transportation systems.  

GSS corporate experience includes providing technical, programmatic, and software development support to defense aviation programs (F-35, P-8A,V22, OSD), including system design analysis, system performance monitoring and operational evaluations, health assessment algorithm/model development, technical studies, strategic deployment tools and analysis, technical documentation, data base development, and health monitoring applications. We are also a proud member of the SAE International Health-Ready Components and Standards (HRCS) Consortium. Through these efforts, GSS helps organizations enhance decision support across the entire enterprise. 


Charlie Godwin 

Smart Avionics System Environment for Automatic Test Systems

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