Gamma Reality Inc.

Gamma Reality Inc. (GRI) provides real-time, mobile, 3D radiation mapping capabilities deployable in handheld mode, on unmanned robotic platforms (UAV/UGV) and on vehicles, to enable safer, more efficient, and dynamic radiation detection missions. Our core capabilities include multi-sensor data fusion and data analysis, 3D radiation mapping with situational awareness sensors, and integration of multi-sensor 3D radiation mapping systems with robotic platforms. GRI provides gamma-ray imaging and dual neutron and gamma-ray mapping capabilities based on user need for applications including nuclear security, emergency response, safeguards, defense, decontamination, and more. The GRI team has over a decade of experience developing and integrating hardware and software for multi-sensor systems as well as designing and building custom radiation mapping systems.

3D Radiation Mapping, Data Fusion, and Visualization: LAMP System

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Erika Suzuki

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2023 NCMS Technology Showcase: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

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